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Quantitative and Computational Training Opportunities

The major focus in quantitative science is distributed across the University of Chicago, and our enrichment in the Biological Sciences Division includes the Grossman Institute for Neuroscience, Quantitative Biology and Human Behavior, the Computation Institute (CI), the Center for Data Intensive Science (CDIS), Center for Research Informatics (CRI)Classes listed here are taken from across the University.

This page provides information regarding classes taught at the University relating to

Classes in General Quantitative Background

HGEN 47400Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Geneticists100
MPHY 34900Mathematics for Medical Physics100
PBHS 32100Introduction to Biostatistics100
PBHS 32400Applied Regression Analysis100
PBHS 32700Biostatistical Methods100
PBHS 33500Statistical Applications100
STAT 24400Statistical Theory and Methods I100

Classes in Computation/Programming 

ECEV 32000Computing Skills for Biologists100
STAT 37810
  &  37820
Statistical Computing A
   and Statistical Computing B

Classes in Dynamical and Stochastic Systems

CPNS 31000Mathematical Methods for Biological Sciences I100
CPNS 31100Mathematical Methods for Biological Sciences II100
MPHY 39600Image Processing/Computer Vision100

Classes in Inference (Models and Data)

GEOS 26100Phylogenetics and the Fossil Record100
GEOS 35100Data Analysis for the Geophysical Sciences100
GEOS 36000Morphometrics100
GEOS 36100Phylogenetics and the Fossil Record100
HGEN 48600Fundamentals of Computational Biology: Models and Inference100
PBHS 32600Analysis of Categorical Data100
PBHS 33300Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis100
PBHS 33400Multilevel Modeling100
PBHS 43010Applied Bayesian Modeling and Inference100
PBHS 43201Introduction to Causal Inference100

Courses in Complex Systems and Systems Biology

HGEN 47300Genomics and Systems Biology100

Courses in Scientific Computing

ECEV 32000Computing Skills for Biologists100
STAT 37601Machine Learning and Large-Scale Data Analysis100

Courses in Theory, computation and statistical inference in specific fields

CPNS 35510Theoretical Neuroscience: Single Neuron Dynamics and Computation100
CPNS 35520Theoretical Neuroscience: Network Dynamics and Computation100
CPNS 35600Theoretical Neuroscience: Statistics and Information Theory100
ECEV 35600Principles of Population Genetics-1100
ECEV 42800Population Ecology100
ECEV 42900Theoretical Ecology100
GEOG 38201Intro to Geographic Information Systems100
GEOG 38400Intermediate GIS/Cartography100
HGEN 46900Human Variation and Disease100
HGEN 47100Introduction to Statistical Genetics100
PBHS 32901Introduction to Clinical Trials100
PBHS 35100Health Services Research Methods100
STAT 35800Statistical Applications100
STAT 35500Statistical Genetics100
STAT 35700Epidemiologic Methods100