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Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

The Pozen Family Center for Human Rights (Pozen Center) at the University of Chicago supports innovative interdisciplinary teaching and research initiatives that critically explore the theory and practice of global human rights. This includes:  

  • Rigorous liberal arts, graduate, and professional school curricula that combine foundational research with practice-oriented training, including a Study Abroad program in Paris, a two-quarter Civilizations Core sequence, and a Major and a Minor in the College. 
  • Summer student internships with non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and international human rights bodies in the U.S. and across the world.
  • Research that brings together faculty and students from across disciplinary divisions and professional schools 
  • Projects and events to enhance the university's engagement with local, regional, national, and international human rights scholars, practitioners, and public officials. 

Graduate student opportunities

Pozen Human Rights Doctoral Fellows Program: an intensive yearlong interdisciplinary forum for University of Chicago doctoral students whose research intersects with human rights themes.

Fellows meet throughout the academic year, typically three times per quarter, for interdisciplinary conversations and scholarly exchange with each other and Center and University faculty. These seminars function as a reading group where students introduce work from their respective disciplines, as well as a space where they workshop part of a dissertation or an article in preparation. At the end of the year, students workshop their papers again with invited scholars from around the world.

In addition to mentorship, Pozen Fellows receive a $3,000 stipend and grants to support research (including fieldwork) and conference attendance.  UChicago awards all fellows who successfully complete the program a Human Rights Certificate.

Graduate Lectureship: The Pozen Center awards up to three lectureships per academic year to advanced UChicago doctoral students to teach an undergraduate Human Rights course of their own design. The proposed course should address human rights from a disciplinary, thematic, or regional perspective.
Graduate lecturers generally receive an award of $2,000. This amount may be higher depending on your Division. Lecturers can hold office hours and use office space at the Pozen Center.


Mark Philip Bradley (History)
Faculty Director

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