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Committee on Southern Asian Studies

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Chair, Committee on Southern Asian Studies

  • Constantine Nakassis, Anthropology

Associate Director, Committee on Southern Asian Studies

  • Rashmi Joshi

Members: Faculty and Emeritus Faculty

Adukia, Anjali-- Harris School of Public Policy
Alam, Muzaffar--  South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Annamalai, E.--  South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Anshumali, Amit--  Sociology 
Arnold, Daniel--  Divinity School
Bhaduri, Mandira-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Bhalla, Kavi-- Public Health Sciences
Bohlman, Philip-- Music
Bradley, Mark--  History
Chakrabarty, Dipesh--  South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Chatterjee, Elizabeth--  History
Cox, Whitney--  South Asian Languages and Civilizations
D'Hubert, Thibaut-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Doniger, Wendy-- Divinity School
Ebeling, Sascha-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Friedner, Michele-- Sociology
Garrido, Marco-- Sociology
N. Govindarajan--   South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Gross, Victoria-- Anthropology
Grunebaum, Jason-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Hanlon, Julie-- Anthropology 
Hoang, Kimberly-- Sociology
Jina, Amir-- Harris School of Public Policy
Kapstein, Matthew-- Divinity School
Kelly, John-- Anthropology
Kolata, Alan-- Anthropology
Kommattam, Nisha-- Comparative Literature
Leonard, Zachary-- History
Li, Darryl-- Anthropology
Mahajan, Sujata-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Majumdar, Rochona-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Malani, Anup-- Law

Manohar, Mohit-- Art History
Mazzarella, William-- Anthropology 
Nakassis, Constantine-- Anthropology
Ngodup, Karma-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Nussbaum, Martha-- Law
Ollett, Andrew-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Panda, Ahona-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Parsard, Kaneesha-- English
Pierce Taylor, Sarah-- Divinity School
Price, Trevor-- Ecology and Evolution
Qutbuddin, Tahera-- Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Raghavan, Maanasa-- Human Genetics
Ring, Laura-- Library
Schneider, John-- Medicine
Schultz, Anna-- Music
Shaikh, Sabina-Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization

Shweder, Richard-- Comparative Human Development

Singh, Sunit-- History
Smith, Blake-- Social Sciences (the College)
Staniland, Paul-- Political Science
Stark, Ulrike-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Sunder Rajan, Kaushik-- Anthropology
Tubb, Gary-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Vaughn, James-- History 
Venkatkrishnan, Anand-- Divinity School
Wedemeyer, Christian-- Divinity School
Williams, Tyler-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Wright, Austin-- Harris School of Public Policy 

Bahl, Kali-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Bashir, Elena-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations 
Engblom, Philip-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Inden, Ronald-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Marriott, McKim-- Anthropology 
Naim, C. M.-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations 
Nicholas, Ralph-- Anthropology 
Nye, James-- Library
Seely, Clinton-- South Asian Languages and Civilizations

The University of Chicago is one of the leading centers for the study of Southern Asia. Countries in which we have scholarly expertise in South Asia include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka; and in Southeast Asia, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Tibet (as an autonomous region), and Vietnam.

Chicago’s Southern Asia strength is built around the Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS), comprised of faculty across the University who share teaching and research interests in Southern Asia.

The focus of the Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS), which is supported through a University endowment, is to support and implement faculty and student academic and research projects that broadly encompass the study of South and Southeast Asia.

The Center in Delhi is an intellectual destination, a place to explore ideas across institutions and disciplines. It expands opportunities for collaboration with Indian universities, research institutes, and cultural organizations; and it serves as a focal point for engaging alumni in India and South Asia. To learn more about the University of Chicago in India, explore our three areas of scholarship:

The Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) and the Center in Delhi work to enhance opportunities available to scholars both in the United States and in South and Southern Asia and to foster intellectual and scholarly communication and inter-disciplinary collaboration among the students and faculty at the University of Chicago and the wider Chicago and Southern Asian Studies communities.

For many years, COSAS hosted a South Asia Language Area Center (SALAC) via funding from a Title VI grant. SALAC provided outreach services for COSAS. Learn more here.

To these ends, COSAS sponsors a variety of activities including colloquia, workshops, conferences, public lectures, film series, cultural events, and other programs and fellowships that promote understanding of the cultures and societies of South and Southeast Asia.