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Center for Latin American Studies

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  • Mauricio Tenorio


  • Michael Albertus - Department of Political Science
  • Fernando Alvarez - Department of Economics
  • Dain Borges - Department of History
  • Claudia Brittenham - Department of Art History
  • Chad Broughton - Department of Public Policy Studies (College)
  • Melvin Butler - Department of Music
  • Raúl Coronado - Department of English
  • Shannon Dawdy - Department of Anthropology
  • Frederick A. de Armas - Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • René de Costa - Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Cécile Fromont - Department of Art History
  • Roberto Gonzales - School of Social Service Administration
  • Ramón Gutiérrez - Department of History
  • Susan R. Gzesh - Department of Human Rights
  • James Heckman - Department of Economics
  • Thomas Holt - Department of History
  • Dwight Hopkins - Divinity School
  • Robert L. Kendrick - Department of Music
  • Alan Kolata - Department of Anthropology
  • Emilio H. Kourí - Department of History
  • Benjamin Lessing - Department of Political Science
  • Ana Maria Lima - Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Victor Lima - Department of Economics
  • Hedibert Lopes - Booth School of Business
  • Maria Cecilia Lozada - Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • John A. Lucy - Department of Comparative Human Development
  • Agnes Lugo Ortiz - Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Alfredo Cesar Melo - Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Alicia Menendez - Harris School of Public Policy
  • Salikoko Mufwene - Department of Linguistics
  • Stephan Palmié - Department of Anthropology
  • Tianna Paschel - Department of Political Science
  • Mario Santana - Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Julie Saville - Department of History
  • Paul Sereno - Department of Organismal Biology & Anatomy
  • Alberto Simpser - Department of Political Science
  • Karl Swinehart - Harper-Schmidt Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Robert M. Townsend - Department of Economics
  • E. Glen Weyl - Department of Economics

Established in 1968, the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) fosters intellectual exchange and innovation in the research and teaching of Latin America at the University of Chicago. CLAS coordinates workshops, seminars and conferences; hosts visiting scholars; and provides financial support for preliminary student field research, library acquisitions, and the development of curricular materials in the less commonly taught languages of the region. In consortium with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the Center for Latin American Studies has been designated a National Resource Center by the United States Department of Education continuously since 1976. This funding provides a wide range of support, including Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships. A full description of Latin American Studies programming is available at the Center’s website, .

The Center sponsors various activities that contribute to the richness of Latin American Studies at the University of Chicago. The Center sponsors major academic conferences every year, bringing scholars from around the world to examine particular issues in Latin American studies. The Latin American Briefing Series brings renowned figures to campus for public lectures on current affairs in Latin America.

The Center for Latin American Studies administers a Master of Arts degree program in Latin American Studies.  For details on the Master of Arts in Latin American Studies, please see the entries under either Social Sciences Master of Arts Programs or Humanities Master of Arts Programs.


The Center also administers a Joint A.M./M.B.A. degree and a dual A.M. in Latin American Studies/A.M. in Public Policy.  The Joint A.M./M.B.A. is adrministered through the Division of Social Sciences and the Booth School of Business. Students take an integrated program of fourteen courses in the business school and nine in Latin American studies. Applicants submit a single application to the joint program through the Booth School of Business (the business school accepts applications for autumn quarter only). Business School students may choose to apply to the joint program during their first quarter of residence. The two degrees can be attained in three years or less, depending on the student’s previous training.  The dual A.M. in Latin American Studies/A.M. in Public Policy is administered through the Divisions of Social Sciences or Humanities and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies.  Students take the one-year A.M. in Latin American Studies, and during the fall quarter apply to matriculate into the Harris School the following academic year.  In the second year, students complete a nine-course A.M. in Public Policy, and graduate at the end of two years with a dual A.M. in Latin American Studies and in Public Policy Studies.


LACS 16100Introduction to Latin American Civilization I100
LACS 16200Introduction to Latin American Civilization II100
LACS 16300Introduction to Latin American Civilization III100
LACS 29700Reading and Research in Latin American Studies100
LACS 29801BA Colloquium100